What's your primary riding style?

Choosing a bicycle is an important decision.

Choosing a bicycle is an important decision. There are a few important considerations to take into account, such as where you'll be riding, how much you'll be riding, and at what level you'll be riding. Below is a list of the most common styles of bicycles. Hopefully, you'll find this information helpful. As always, please come in and we'll be happy to answer any additional questions!

Road Bikes

Best for: Pavement

Road bicycles tend to be lighter in weight than their casual and off-road counterparts. Road bikes are excellent for touring, racing, and fitness riding. Some models are built for speed, with agressive rider positioning, while others are set up for touring, with a more upright rider position. Road bicycle costs vary from $500 to $2,000+. There two common handlebar types: drop-bars and flat bars.

Mountain Bikes

Best for: Gravel roads or offroad riding

Mountain bikes can handle most offroad riding, as they have shock absorbing capabilities and wider tires. Mountain bike wheels come in different sizes, 26 inch, 27.5 inch (or 650b), and 29 inch. The larger diameter wheels provide decreased rolling resistance over the obstacles found on the trail. Mountain bike price range from $400 to $1500+. Mountain bikes come in two main frame styles. A "hardtail" mountain bike has suspension on the front forks only, while the rear is rigid. The other frame style is the "full-suspension", which has suspension both on the front forks and on the rear.

Comfort or Commuting Bikes

Best for: Pavement or Gravel/Dirt Roads

Comfort and commuting bikes are perfect for the recreational, easygoing cyclist. From the dinner ride to the stylish jaunt to the office, these bikes offer wider tires, a more upright riding position, and a smoother ride than mountain and/or dedicated road bikes. Comfort bikes tend to have wider, 26 inch wheels. Commuters are more closely related to the dedicated road bike, but have key distinctions like wider wheels and a more relaxed riding position. Both styles are perfect for leisurely rides through the park or a Saturday afternoon along the coast.

Triathlon/TT Bikes

Best for: Triathlons and Time Trials

Triathlon/TT bikes are road bikes modified with aerodynamics in mind. With a considerably more aggressive riding position than all the bikes above, these bikes are extremely light and built for speed. Triathlon/TT handlebars are slightly different than the road bikes' drop bars in that they are flat, with an extension out the front to keep the rider in a more aerodynamic position. Prices for Triathlon/TT bikes vary from $800 to $2,000+.