Triathlon/TT Bicycles

Specialized Shiv Pro Race

The Shiv is the ultimate Tri weapon, delivering the perfect blend of stealthy power, drag-defying aerodynamics, and savvy fit options. With its FACT carbon frame, and optimized rear wheel airflow (especially in crosswinds), the Shiv ensures you’re cutting through the wind while cranking out huge watts of race-crushing power. The integrated Fuelselage™ hydration system gives easy access to on-the-bike fuel, plus riders of all sizes will be able to dial their fit perfectly thanks to a huge range of available adjustments.

Specialized Shiv Expert

It cheats the wind, yet breaks no laws. In fact, the Shiv TT has nothing but respect for the law, particularly when it comes to aerodynamics—just ask Tony Martin, who piloted his Shiv to TT victory at the 2013 UCI World Championships. The incredibly stiff, S-Works FACT 11r frame boasts a fully integrated cockpit and aero tube shaping, while the S-Works FACT carbon fork features crosswind-optimized airfoils for precise steering and max speed. Combine that with the aggressive rider position and you’ve got a true stealth monster that’s not only UCI legal, but will have you carving corners and slicing through the wind with confidence in your own race against the clock.

Specialized Shiv Elite

QR is proud to introduce the QR PRsix, a bicycle alone in approach and backed by a trusted heritage of innovation in triathlon. Light, agile, and responsive in a way largely considered impossible for the superbike category, the PRsix reinvents the expectation of overall ride handling and power-to-pedal efficiency.

Quintana Roo PR6

Wind and drag are your biggest competitors on race day, but we've managed to outsmart them. Winner of Triathlon America's "Most Innovative" Award, the Illicito takes QR's SHIFT Technology to a new level with the notable absence of the left-side seat stay. Simply put, at the most drag-heavy yaw angles in the wind tunnel, this bike records the lowest drag coefficient of any modern design. Period.

Quintana Roo CD0.1

Attention SRAM fans-the CD0.1 Rival sports a SRAM Rival drivetrain, FSA Gossamer crankset and Profile T3+ aerobar, a premier bike from Quintana Roo arrives on the scene with a quality component package. Available racing wheelset upgrade will have you setting a new PR in no time.

Quintana Roo Kilo

With modified geometry for greater comfort and re-designed graphics, our 2015 Dulce builds on our long established commitment to women triathletes. The carbon frame delivers speed, aerodynamics and long course triathlon comfort. A longer head tube has been incorporated to allow for wider fit and flexibility options. This bike is designed to get you to T2 quickly and comfortably, so you can rock the run.